Morning Star Presbyterian Church

Myrlene’s Weekly Intrique

When in Babylon. . . .

So, the exile has begun. Most of the royalty, the professionals and the skilled laborers from Judah have been carted off to Babylon. Only those who were poor or otherwise "not worth bothering with" (except to stay back as servants) were left in place in Judah. So, having spent considerable time talking about how the majority of people in Judah had abandoned their faith in God, we now move to Babylon where we will encounter four familiar characters who imported their faith with them. Instead of caving in to the pagan ways of the Babylonians, they stayed strong in their faith. There are many intriguing and exciting stories about these four characters: Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Cast into the fiery furnace, thrown to the lions, these men had challenges we can only imagine. Through it all, they stayed faithful. And it all started with eating the right foods! As you read chapter 17 of The Story this week, pay special attention to Daniel 1:3-17 and consider how important it is to have the right diet. Then prepare your heart to come to worship, which will include the Lord's Supper.


Anthony DiDia 2013