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Myrlene’s Weekly Intrigue

A Man on a Mission

From the beginning of the Bible, we have been tracing a story on two levels: the Upper Story (God's story) and the Lower Story (our story). You may not have felt that it was truly YOUR story, though, unless you have a Jewish background, because this traces the story of a particular family and nation. God chose this family as the people to carry the blessing of God forward through the ups and downs of their journey. Now, the blessing is about to "go viral" and we can all truly be a part of this story. It's been God's plan all along, but now the message begins to make its way outside the Jewish family into the realm of the Gentiles (us). As you read chapter 29 of The Story, pay close attention to the conversion of Saul who becomes the great Apostle Paul. Watch him on his missionary journeys that gradually take him into Gentile territory. And read what he says about his mission in I Corinthians 9:19-23. And if you dare, ask yourself this: what's my mission?


Anthony DiDia 2013