Morning Star Presbyterian Church

Myrlene’s Weekly Intrique

“The Hour of Darkness"

The plot thickens. Jesus gains in popularity, so much so that the pilgrims gathering for the Passover feast are eager for him to come and start the uprising against Rome that they want so desperately. At the same time, the religious authorities and others in power are getting more and more uneasy, because they don't want to upset the fragile truce that they have with the Roman government. And Jesus? Well, as he said to Pilate late in Holy Week: "My kingdom is not of this world." It will take even his disciples a long time (and a ride on an emotional roller coaster) to sort out that statement. Though his kingdom is not of this world, it sure shakes things up--and costs him his life. How can this be a part of God's Story? As you contemplate that question, read chapter 26 of The Story and Luke 19:28-40, 22:47-53.

Next Stop in our journey: Palm Sunday!


Anthony DiDia 2013