Morning Star Presbyterian Church

You’re Invited

to aBirthday Celebration

20 years ago, on Palm Sunday,

A group of people began holding worship services in the Nature Study Building on Western Boulevard.

This was the birth of Morning Star Presbyterian Church.

Many years before that (nearly 2,000!) another group of people met in an upper room in Jerusalem on Pentecost

and the Holy Spirit filled their hearts.

This was the birth of the Christian Church.

In honor of these birthdays, we will hold a celebration onPentecost Sunday, June 8, 2014,right after worship

A CateredBreakfastwill be served!

Giftswill be distributed to all who attend!

We will celebrate theSpiritual Giftsthat God has given us!

What you can bring:

*Yourself, your family, your friends

*Acontributionto help pay for the breakfast

*A specialbirthday giftfor Morning Star

(think about making a financial gift using the numbers

2 and 0 — could be $200 or $20 or $2000—

whatever fits your budget and your sense of gratitude

for the place this church has in your heart)

RSVP:Please return the response card that was distributed with this invitation. Or call the church office: 732-606-9700.

Sponsored by the Stewardship Team

PDA Volunteer Village Update

This week Morning Star welcomes groups from Mechanicsburg and Warminster PA. Both groups have done mission work here are Morning Star before. We’d like to give them a great welcome back, and keep them in our prayers for a wonderful and productive week here in New Jersey.

Remember our Thursday night dinner is at 6pm. Please come and join us in sharing with our group. it’s truly a moving experience. Bring soft drinks and dessert if you can. If you can’t just come and join us.

We've got some pictures below from our groups last week.

Gail and Janice with the work group

Click HERE to see more photos

Myrlene’s Weekly Intrique

In the very early days of the Christian Church, right after Pentecost, one of the most striking characteristics of this community of faith was its generosity. People sold property and gave the money to those in need. They shared willingly with other church members. Generosity is at the core of God's character, so it makes sense that God's church would also have that characteristic as a dominant feature. Generosity is a natural outcome of trusting God. It is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But (you knew that was coming!) sometimes things get in the way, and that natural flow of generosity gets stopped up. What do you think can get this natural flow going again? Check out I Timothy 6:6-10 and 17-19, along with our core verse Romans 8:11.


The 2014 Canine Carnival is fast approaching.. Last years carnival was so successful. Come out and join the fun. It was a beautiful day, We had a howling good time.

There are links below to the forms and flyer for the Carnival that you can download.

If you’d like to participate, please fill out the followingDog Registraion Form.

If you’d like to participate as a VENDOR, please fill out rhe followingVendor Registration Form.

If you’d like to place an AD, please fill out the followingPlace An Ad Form.

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